dr. dustin gonzalez

hello, i’m dustin gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez graduated from The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Originally from Ohio, he attended Bowling Green State University where he obtained a Bachelor in Science and Education in Athletic Training.

In his home state of Ohio, Dr. Gonzalez was very active and participated in an array of sports- football, baseball, golf and basketball. Additionally, he was a competitive league bowler for 17 years and enjoys snowboarding, Ping-Pong, and any activity you can do outside.

Dr. Gonzalez’s combined love for sports and intrigue for the human body drives his passion for physical therapy. Dr. Gonzalez is driven to help people of all stages of activity return to their desired level of activity.

Outside of work, he enjoys being active, going to the beach to play sand volleyball, trying new restaurants, going to the movies, exploring new places, and experiencing new adventures.

fields of expertise

Responsible for clinical leadership and direction of our physical therapist and rehabilitation technician teams, Dustin’s our guy to be sure the utmost standards of medical practice are held throughout SoFloPT SPORT and REHAB. As our clinical director, he’s our task-delegator, problem-solver, and Carson’s right-hand man.

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